VHS to DVD Transfers

Discovery Media Productions, Inc. specializes in transferring older VHS videotapes to DVD which provides excellent quality, flexibility, and ease of use in a compact media. Transferring VHS to DVD is an excellent way to archive your videotaped memories onto a long-lasting media that is more compact than videotapes and will last much, much longer.

DVD archiving is a simple and cost-effective way to preserve your old VHS videotapes. Each videotape is transferred to its own DVD, monitored in real-time to ensure quality, with a simple title screen and chapter points placed approximately every 5 minutes. Multiple tapes can be combined onto one DVD for a small additional charge, provided that the total length does not exceed 2 hours. Videotapes recorded in EP (6-hour) mode can be converted to one 6-hour DVD (not recommended) or split onto multiple DVDs for the maximum possible quality.


Price per master videotape
(Up to 2 Hours)


   each additional 1/2 hour per tape

Quantity discounts may apply -
please call for details



NEW!!  PAL / SECAM standards conversions to the North American NTSC standard can now be transferred to the media of your choice. VHS or VHS-C videotapes and DVDs produced in Europe, Asia, or other continents will be converted to be able to be viewed on North American television systems and computers. Please call us at (503) 892-1998 for pricing on this service.

NEW!!  If you have source video in HD, such as from an HD camcorder on SD cards, we can now transfer these files to a  Blu-Ray disc. A Blu-Ray disc has similar functionality to a DVD but can hold almost six times the data and will maintain the high quality video that HD provides. You can now watch your home video in its origianal HD quality on your flat screen TV or computer. We would be happy to discuss the details of your project by calling us at (503) 892-1998.

Each VHS to DVD transfer includes a superior grade DVD-R media, clear plastic DVD case, and direct-on-disc printing of identifying text. Logos and full-color printing also available.

We can create DVD masters from the following formats:



Digital 8





Full Size DV





Single tape transfers can usually be completed within one to two business days; please call us at (503) 892-1998 if you have multiple tapes to transfer at once.