About Discovery Media Products; a Portland video production company.

Devin Williams

Devin Williams, one of the first in Oregon to obtain the CLVS certification (Certified Legal Video Specialist), started Discovery Media Productions, Inc. in 2007. With his knowledge gained from 14 years of experience, hundreds of taped video depositions, and one-on-one client interaction of production and DVD duplication, he has brought the highest standards in the legal video field to Portland, Oregon.

Evan Martin

Evan Martin comes to Discovery Media Productions, Inc. with a 10-year background in quality assurance and healthcare management. He graduated in 2004 from St. Martin’s University in Lacey, Washington with a B.A. in Business Administration and has an MBA in marketing from American InterContinental University.


To provide high quality media and video production for any large or small project from the beginning of the task to the end with a fast turnaround and for a reasonable rate.


To be the video, audio, and other media production facility of choice for the legal community, large or small businesses, organizations, or individuals. Any project from simple DVD duplication to larger projects including videotaping to video production will focus on the clients’ vision, incorporating our 14 years in the video industry to provide high quality service and products with a fast turnaround and for a reasonable rate.